1st February-World Hijab day


As the last day of the first month of the year came to an end yesterday, the second month has dawned upon us. The first day of this month marks World Hijab day, its a day that was initiated by Nazma Khan and held for the first time in 2013. I thought I would dedicate my post to this day by explaining what Hijab really is and also to challenge all those who don’t wear Hijab, regardless of your faith to observe Hijab for one day, which is TODAY 🙂

Hijab, if googled, holds the definition of a ‘Head covering worn in public by muslim women’ or ‘The religious code which governs the wearing of Hijab’. In every religion or tradition there is the concept of ‘appropriate dress’ or ‘modest dressing’. In Islam this concept is known as Hijab, which not only includes covering the head, but the entire body, and hijab is not only a modest way of dressing, it includes a modest way of portraying oneself as well.

Hijab is often criticised all over the world as attracting more attention to women, and men for that matter. However, Hijab is meant to do the complete opposite, to shift the attention from the physical appearance towards the qualities of the woman’s character. Hijab is not limiting in anyway, it is more liberating than anything else. I live in a country where religions are allowed and they are practiced freely and openly which makes it easier to wear Hijab as opposed to countries such as France and Spain where laws were passed to limit the wearing of head coverings and face veils, men and women struggle to practice their religion (Islam) freely.


Wearing Hijab is not an easy task. It’s hot! we experience things just like every other woman out there. Bad hair days (thats when the hijab comes in handy) haha, just kidding. believe it or not women experience bad hijab days, for instance, when its windy your hijab can easily be messed up and thrown around, regardless of the amount of pins you’ve stuck in there to keep it down. What I’m getting at is that women wearing a head covering or a veil, are pretty normal individuals just like you and me. The next time you see one of them walk by, instead of staring, say Hi or smile, a smile warms and melts anyone’s heart.

I’m off donning my veil for the day, as I usually wear the head covering. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.

Imagin8wtvr xx!


Disclaimer: Pictures do not belong to me, both found on google images. In no way did I mean to offend anyone with this post, it was merely meant to be a source of information.


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