My favourite pair of shoes

I have many favourites, but somehow I go through ‘phases’ of things I prefer. Right at this very moment, I’ve got a favourite pair of shoes. They’re really pretty and I’m sure many of you will take a liking to them too:)

Its summer in South Africa, so I don’t often wear anything else other than my flip flops. I’m not a lover of summer, strangely I prefer winter, I would rather dress warm enough for the cold, but with summer, there ain’t no escaping the heat no matter how you dress.

All my life I was very much a ‘girly girl’ (if that is even a ‘thing’), dressing up all the time, matching bags, shoes and jewelry, but, lately I’ve been more on the comfy side of dressing, the jeans, t-shirt and flip flop girl, with one neutral colour bag to match all my ‘easy’ outfits. There is the odd occasion where I feel like dressing up with heels and just being a lady for a short few hours, just a few hours, its so high maintenance…I think I’m experiencing some sort of midlife clothing crisis lol.

My favourite pair of shoes are these pretty nude lace up pumps, which have been in fashion lately, they have been around for quite some time but I’ve only seen it in black over here, and last week I spotted the nude pair and it was a definite must have. I must add though, they are not the most comfy pair of shoes to wear…I’m not really sure how to tie them correctly and when I had them on the ‘laces’ kept on coming loose, uugghhh, I had an unpleasant time at the mall, constantly having to stop and tie them, however, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re really pretty paired up with just about anything. I wore them with a pair of jeans and a printed top (I didn’t take a pic though! sorry). But here they are! My pretty nudes.


I hope you guys enjoyed this post.

Imagin8wtvr! xxx


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