Hellloooo 2016!

2015 has come and come and gone and we welcome 2016 with open arms. I’ve been A-wall for quite some time due to holidays and family time. This post is not a reflection of the previous year, but rather includes a list of a few goals which I have set for myself for 2016, which I am hoping will be a good one.

2016 is a year of goodness, It’s going to be a year of:

  1. More exercising
  2. Clean eating (less takeout)
  3. Doing me
  4. Take the good out of every situation
  5. Stay away from negative people
  6. Stop giving a damn about what others think about me (I recently came to the realisation that somehow we think to much about ourselves, in the sense that we care to much about what others think of us and the mistakes we make, and in reality its the total opposite)
  7. Living in the moment-life is short.
  8. Take everything with a pinch of salt
  9. Travel often
  10. Save, Save, Save!

Here is to a great year ahead. xxx!

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